Re: [PATCH] backports: add definitions S32_MAX and S32_MIN

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On 24-2-2017 13:30, Johannes Berg wrote:
>> I create a package nightly for our internal tree and wireless-testing
>> and build for couple of target kernels to run some wifi tests on
>> target systems. So I tend to hit issues pretty soon. Not covering all
>> target kernels though.
> Ok, that's nice. I'm torn between doing something that runs on our
> existing infrastructure (easy, but internal) or building some kind of
> infrastructure, likely on the build box we have from the LF... that's
> harder but accessible to people other than me.
> Or are there any alternatives? Perhaps if I put the scripts upstream
> then it doesn't matter that I might actually be running it on our
> internal infrastructure, since anyone can just take the scripts and run
> them?

The alternative is fine by me.

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