Re: [PATCH] backports: adjustments: fix devcoredump patch for class_groups

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On Mon, 2017-02-06 at 23:30 +0100, Arend Van Spriel wrote:
> On 6-2-2017 9:52, Luca Coelho wrote:
> > On Thu, 2017-02-02 at 19:36 +0100, Arend Van Spriel wrote:
> > > This is actually not sufficient. Also need to add expansion of
> > > __ATTRIBUTE_GROUPS() macro. Did not hit this as it kicks in when
> > > backporting to 4.10+, which is not on my list yet ;-p
> > 
> > Thanks, Arend! I had something to "fix" this, but it was completely
> > b0rked for (at least) <= 3.14.  I'll try your patch now (at the moment I
> > don't care much about 4.10+ either).
> Looks like Johannes submitted another option to check ;-)

Yeah, I've been working with Johannes on this (mostly as a guinea pig). 
It works with our iwlwifi driver's contents.

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