unknown symbol CRYPTO_GCM

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I am trying to install driver RTL8192CU but i was unable to locate the driver.
I found out that RTL8192CU depends on RTL_CARDS and RTL_CARDS depends
on MAC80211.
MAC80211 is not visible in menu due its dependency on CRYPTO_GCM.

The problem is that symbol CRYPTO_GCM is unknown and therefor I can't enable it.

When I tried to create CRYPTO_GCM as bool the compilation failed:
/root/backports-4.2.6-1/compat/crypto-ccm.c: In function ‘crypto_ccm_init_tfm’:
/root/backports-4.2.6-1/compat/crypto-ccm.c:487:2: error: implicit
declaration of function ‘crypto_aead_set_reqsize’

there is also a warning before build:
warning: (MAC80211 && MAC802154) selects BPAUTO_CRYPTO_CCM which has
unmet direct dependencies (CRYPTO_AEAD && CRYPTO_CTR)

I am using backports-4.2.6-1 downloaded today (25. 11. 2016)

What should I do?

Thank you for your help.

František Horínek
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