Re: Kernel integrated backports ends in endless silentoldconfig loop when built out of tree

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On Tue, 2016-11-15 at 13:26 +0000, Gienger Timo wrote:
> i´m currently having the issue that i´m ending up in an endless loop
> with a backports integrated kernel when building out of tree.
> When i´m building the Kernel in-tree everything works fine, but when
> using "O=" option to build outside of the source tree the build ends up
> in an endless loop:

When i export the KCONFIG_AUTOCONFIG like this
export KCONFIG_AUTOCONFIG=/ssd1/kout/include/config/auto.conf
the out of tree build runs fine. Just have not found out yet, why ;)

Currently still trying to find the place in which the loop is created
and the make target "include/config/%.conf:" is called over and over


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