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Hi all,

A release is long overdue so here it is, autofs-5.1.9.

There are quite a lot of changes in the release but they are mostly
bug fixes arising from a number significant improvements done over
the last several releases.

Some general performance overheads have crept in over quite a while
and work has been done to improve on it but once the obvious is done
it gets much harder to improve, so that's ongoing as time permits.


The package can be found at:

It is autofs-5.1.9.tar.[gz|xz]

No source rpm is there as it can be produced by using:

rpmbuild -ts autofs-5.1.9.tar.gz

and the binary rpm by using:

rpmbuild -tb autofs-5.1.9.tar.gz

Here are the entries from the CHANGELOG which outline the updates:

- fix kernel mount status notification.
- fix fedfs build flags.
- fix set open file limit.
- improve descriptor open error reporting.
- fix root offset error handling.
- fix fix root offset error handling.
- fix nonstrict fail handling of last offset mount.
- dont fail on duplicate offset entry tree add.
- fix loop under run in cache_get_offset_parent().
- bailout on rpc systemerror.
- fix nfsv4 only mounts should not use rpcbind.
- simplify cache_add() a little.
- fix use after free in tree_mapent_delete_offset_tree().
- fix memory leak in xdr_exports().
- avoid calling pthread_getspecific() with NULL key_thread_attempt_id.
- fix sysconf(3) return handling.
- remove nonstrict parameter from tree_mapent_umount_offsets().
- fix handling of incorrect return from umount_ent().
- dont use initgroups() at spawn.
- fix bashism in configure.
- musl: fix missing include in hash.h.
- musl: define fallback dummy NSS config path
- musl: avoid internal stat.h definitions.
- musl: add missing include to hash.h for _WORDSIZE.
- musl: add missing include to log.h for pid_t.
- musl: define _SWORD_TYPE.
- add autofs_strerror_r() helper for musl.
- update configure.
- handle innetgr() not present in musl.
- fix missing unlock in sasl_do_kinit_ext_cc().
- fix a couple of null cache locking problems.
- restore gcc flags after autoconf Kerberos 5 check.
- prepare for OpenLDAP SASL binding.
- let OpenLDAP handle SASL binding.
- configure: LDAP function checks ignore implicit declarations.
- improve debug logging of LDAP binds.
- improve debug logging of SASL binds.
- internal SASL logging only in debug log mode.
- more comprehensive verbose logging for LDAP maps.
- fix invalid tsv access.
- support SCRAM for SASL binding.
- ldap_sasl_interactive_bind() needs credentials for auto-detection.
- fix autofs regression due to positive_timeout.
- fix parse module instance mutex naming.
- serialise lookup module open and reinit.
- coverity fix for invalid access.
- fix hosts map deadlock on restart.
- fix deadlock with hosts map reload.
- fix memory leak in update_hosts_mounts().
- fix minus only option handling in concat_options().
- fix incorrect path for is_mounted() in try_remount().
- fix additional tsv invalid access.
- fix use_ignore_mount_option description.
- include addtional log info for mounts.
- fail on empty replicated host name.
- improve handling of ENOENT in sss setautomntent().
- don't immediately call function when waiting.
- define LDAP_DEPRECATED during LDAP configure check.
- fix return status of mount_autofs().
- don't close lookup at umount.
- fix deadlock in lookups.
- dont delay expire.
- make amd mapent search function name clear.
- rename statemachine() to signal_handler().
- make signal handling consistent.
- eliminate last remaining state_pipe usage.
- add function master_find_mapent_by_devid().
- use device id to locate autofs_point when setting log priotity.
- add command pipe handling functions.
- switch to application wide command pipe.
- get rid of unused field submnt_count.
- fix mount tree startup reconnect.
- fix unterminated read in handle_cmd_pipe_fifo_message().
- fix memory leak in sasl_do_kinit()
- fix fix mount tree startup reconnect.
- fix amd selector function matching.
- get rid entry thid field.
- continue expire immediately after submount check.
- eliminate realpath from mount of submount.
- eliminate root param from autofs mount and umount.
- remove redundant fstat from do_mount_direct().
- get rid of strlen call in handle_packet_missing_direct().
- remove redundant stat call in lookup_ghost().
- set mapent dev and ino before adding to index.
- change to use printf functions in amd parser.
- dont call umount_subtree_mounts() on parent at umount.
- dont take parent source lock at mount shutdown.
- fix possible use after free in handle_mounts_exit().
- make submount cleanup the same as top level mounts.
- add soucre parameter to module functions.
- add ioctlfd open helper.
- make open files limit configurable.
- use correct reference for IN6 macro call.
- dont probe interface that cant send packet.
- fix some sss error return cases.
- fix incorrect matching of cached wildcard key.
- fix expire retry looping.
- allow -null map in indirect maps.
- fix multi-mount check.
- fix let OpenLDAP handle SASL binding.
- always recreate credential cache.
- fix ldap_parse_page_control() check.
- fix typo in create_cmd_pipe_fifo().
- add null check in master_kill().
- be more careful with cmd pipe at exit.
- rename configure.in to configure.ac.
- update autoconf macros.
- update autoconf release.
- update autofs release.


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