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On Fri, Aug 18, 2023 at 03:08:19PM +0200, Robert Vasek wrote:

> Dear autofs community,
> is it possible to bind-mount a direct map without triggering the
> underlying mount? Or is this considered simply "beyond stat" and
> cannot be done?

We're doing this all the time.  We're using singularity vs docker, which
likely makes a difference, but instead of binding various paths, we only
bind the root path in direct map. e.g. bind a root of /nfs where all the
paths in the direct map start with /nfs and the accesses inside the
container trigger things from the main OS.

Unfortunately it means you have to mount the entire direct map tree and
not only specific paths, but that works for our use case. 

> I'm trying to share the autofs mount into a container. While indirect
> maps work as expected (in the container I can see the autofs mount and
> then trigger mounts inside), sharing and bindmounting direct maps
> triggers the volume mount immediately, and the container sees only the
> volume.

I have worked with peers that tried mounting several specific paths in
the map, and they've run into a lot of issues.  Both that it mounts like
you mention, but also they apparently have issues where it can time out
and be umounted, and then accesses from inside the container after that
don't trigger it to mount again.

Mike Marion-Unix SysAdmin/Sr. Staff IT Engineer-

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