Re: [PATCH v2 2/2] autofs-5.1.8 - ldap_sasl_interactive_bind() needs credentials for auto-detection

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On 12/9/22 18:04, Thomas Reim wrote:

Shall I provide an updated v3 series or should I wait for further comments?

I can make these small changes to save you the trouble.

My understanding is they are the spelling of "capabilities" and

the removal of "type" and "method" from from those error() log

calls at the end of the patch.

Is that all the changes?

Is that what's been agreed?


Kind regards


On 12.09.22 11:49, Paul Menzel wrote:
Dear Thomas,

Am 12.09.22 um 10:40 schrieb Thomas Reim:

thank you for reviewing the patch. My understanding of your comment is to align the notation and use authentication "type" or "method". Is this correct?

Yes, I thought it’s the same, and suggested it for consistency.

In general, IANA and IETF define SASL authentication mechanisms. For LDAP people talk about different types LDAP authentication calls: simple bind, SASL bind, mixed bind type. In autofs LDAP configuration users can specify the SASL mechanism using attribute authtype and the authentication bind call type using parameter authrequired.

I'm not sure how to proceed. Maybe we should use:
- "Simple authentication requires ..."
- "%s authentication requires ..." (e. g. SCRAM-SHA-256 authentication requires ...)
- "SASL authentication mechanism auto-selection requires ..."

What do you think?

Good idea to avoid it altogether.

Kind regards,


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