Re: [PATCH 3/4] autofs-5.1.8 - let OpenLDAP handle SASL binding

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On 15/8/22 14:25, Thomas Reim wrote:
In order to make review easier for you a subsequent mail will outline the proposed changed to the provided patch (patch-for-patch format).

I fear this process will get confusing.

What is mostly done by people for patch updates during review is to

post the entire series with a v<n>, for this patch would be [PATCH v2 3/4],

and then in the cover letter (or the patch itself if there's only one) a

simple summary added to describe the changes.


- changes for v2:

  - short description of change.

If that doesn't fit well with your workflow I can deal with the

patch-for-patch process.


Shame on me. I could have checked your procedure beforehand.

v2 has been sent.

That sort of process is pretty widely used by community projects.

Especially those that have a lot of contributors, its so easy to

become confused without some way to identify patch revisions of



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