Re: autofs-5.1.8: fail to mount certain /net shares

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On Tue, Jan 18, 2022 at 5:27 AM Yixun Lan <dlan@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Ian Kent:
> Fabian reported a bug about failing to mount /net with autofs-5.1.8,
> but have no problem with previous 5.1.6
> I'm not able to reproduce this error (need more info about the settings)
> So write to the mailinglist to see if you can shed some light on this..
> The most verbose error messages like this:
> Jan 11 13:53:09 khnum automount[3614]: mount_autofs_offset: failed to
> mount offset trigger  at

I get this error too with 5.1.8

> Jan 11 13:56:24 khnum automount[3614]: set_tsd_user_vars: failed to get
> buffer size for getpwuid_r
> Jan 11 14:56:52 khnum kernel: autofs4:pid:10191:validate_dev_ioctl:
> invalid path supplied for cmd(0xc018937e)

And this "invalid path" one too. Also with 5.1.8, not with 5.1.7. I
sent an email with debug logs a few days ago (and I can't find the
mailing list archive now to verify it got through, ugh).

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