Re: autofs & glibc 2.34

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On Fri, 2021-08-06 at 12:46 +0000, Sietse van Zanen wrote:
> Autofs no longer compiles with newest glibc 2.34. From the changelog:
> PTHREAD_STACK_MIN is no longer constant and is redefined to
> sysconf(_SC_THREAD_STACK_MIN). This supports dynamic sized register
> sets for modern architectural features like Arm SVE.
> This is causing compilation error in daemon/automount.c line 87:
> size_t detached_thread_stack_size = PTHREAD_STACK_MIN * 144;

I'm aware of this.

What would you like me to to do here?

I have two patches for this but haven't pushed them to the repo. yet.
Also there will be a release, probably later this month that will
include these.


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