error after upgrade from 5.1.2 to 5.1.7 - nfs: Unknown parameter 'O'

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Hi, I was using auto.master with this line in my Debian 10 system:
/net   -hosts -O noatime,nodiratime --timeout=0

Then I upgraded Debian from buster/10 to current bullseye/11, and
autofs got upgraded from 5.1.2-4 to 5.1.7-1 (official Debian

Now I am getting this error:
nfs: Unknown parameter 'O'

(Same issue if I replace -O with --global-options.)

Indeed, removing "-O noatime,nodiratime" from auto.master, so, leaving
with just:
/net   -hosts --timeout=0
works again.

Is this a issue that can be fixed?


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