[RHEL 5.11][5.0.1] autofs hangs up

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I am working on an autofs issue.

Linux kernel: 2.6.18-398.el5
autofs: autofs-5.0.1-0.rc2.184.el5

There are 2 RHEL 5.11 servers accessing an NFS server.
They are rebooted every morning.

Sometimes, during the day, autofs hangs up on both servers. When one of the server is rebooted, the other autofs can resume its NFS access.

I am focusing on the /HOME/svsi_emr offset to debug the issue.

I suggested the customer to update the kernel to 2.6.18-419.el5 version but without being sure it will solve the issue.

The autofs is in debug mode. Logs are available.

Thanks for any help


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