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Hi there

My scenario is the follow:

My pointcode is 3500, the point codes of another Telco is 9500 and 9501. I need interconnect each pointcode of the telco on each servers. The problem is i has only one point code.

        /  Telco 1 - Interconnect point 1 - Pointcode 9500 sig chan 16 ------------------  Server 1 - Chan_SS7 - Pointcode 3500
        \  Telco 1 - Interconnect point 2 - Pointcode 9501 ------------------------------  Server 2 - Chan_SS7 - Pointcode 3500

There is a way to using the same pointcode in two servers? I tried various configurations in ss7.conf, but any works.

Thanks in advance.


Sua FotoRafael S. Saraiva
Porto Alegre - RS | Mobile:  (51) 8174-7956
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