chan_ss7, mtp3d, 2 servers, 16links, 1 schannel and cluster_thread error

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I?m configuring 2 asterisk nodes for 16 E1 using chan_ss7 and mtp3d.


Asterisk 11.18.0

Dahdi 2.10.2

Chan_ss7 2.4.4 from svn

Debian 2.6.32-5-686


I?m using the same configuration in both servers without the cluster section
and schannel is defined as 1 at server1:12000.

Running mtp3d in server1 and it logs everything correctly, no error nor
warning messages.

Starting asterisk goes well also and netstat shows that the required 12000
ports are opened in both servers.


So system.conf and ss7.conf seems to be correct.


However, cluster doesn?t seem to be working, because messages aren?t going
from one server to the other.

For example, if server2 sends a GRS on circuit l16, server1 receives the GRA
from network but provides a WARNING:


WARNING[12441]: cluster.c:668 cluster_thread_main: No way to send packet to
cluster, link='l16', reqtype=2


I can?t find any information on that error, so I would appreciate very much
any idea or guidance or any other help in order to overcome this issue.





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