Looking for help ss7 signal sharing with multiple servers

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On Mar 3, 2014 11:28 PM, "Miguel Molina" <mfmolina-listas at millenium.com.co>

I'm afraid using only voice channels on second server won't work, because
the scope of the signalling channel in the first server will only be the
voice channels of the links connected to it.

Sorry, but this is incorrect. The scope of the sig link is all cics in the
linkset. The telco doesnt know/care how those e1 are physically terminated.

Chanss7 allows you to manage media e1 on remote servers using mtp3d. So,
his setup, one link > media e1s on multiple servers should work.

Having said that it is good practice to have 2 Sig links on different e1 on
different servers, in case one goes down.

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