libss7 - two linksets with different DPCs but the same CIC Number

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At this moment I'm using chan_ss7 for this setup with two linksets. There is
no problem in having same CIC numbering on each E1. There is a problem with
CGB and there is no BLO command I can use.


That is why I'm trying to config libss7. But I cannot find the proper config
in order to have same CIC numbering on the 2 E1s. The error I get is:

WARNING[21451] sig_ss7.c: Linkset 1: SS7 RSC requested on unconfigured
CIC/DPC 2/150

WARNING[21451] sig_ss7.c: Linkset 1: SS7 RSC requested on unconfigured
CIC/DPC 3/150

and so on.


The linksets are combined.


Here is my dahdi system.conf:


loadzone = fr

defaultzone = fr










And my chan_dahdi.conf:









signalling = ss7

ss7type = itu

ss7_called_nai = national

ss7_calling_nai = national


linkset = 1

pointcode = 2162

adjpointcode = 2

defaultdpc = 140


cicbeginswith = 2


sigchan = 1

channel = 2-31

group = 1

context = from-pstn


linkset = 2

pointcode = 2162

adjpointcode = 18

defaultdpc = 150


cicbeginswith = 2


sigchan = 32

channel = 33-62

group = 2

context = from-pstn






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the same CIC Number


I believe that the question was around one linkset with two DPCs and the
same CIC number range.
chan_ss7 refers to this as "combined" linksets and it does NOT support
combined linksets with the same CIC range on each link.
It gets all confused when trying to check for idle cic's and free cic's back
to the idle list as it doesn't match both the CIC and DPC, only the CIC.

It will work if the linkset is not combined, however, if you receive
signalling from an STP via the one signalling link in respect of CIC's
related to the other link, it will get confused and such an installation is
quite common where there is an STP on the other end.

By contrast, libss7 handles this situation perfectly.

PS. Not knocking chan_ss7; it's great. Just saying that, for the situation
described below, it will not work properly.

On 2014/12/15 12:20 PM, Mitul Limbani wrote:

chan_ss7 also does, you need to define two different linksets to be able to
do this.

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On Mon, Dec 15, 2014 at 3:49 PM, Gregory Massel <greg at
<mailto:greg at> > wrote: 

libss7 supports this but chan_ss7 doesn't. 

On 2014/12/15 11:19 AM, Kaloyan Kovachev wrote:

it is absolutely normal to have such setup. Each linkset has it's own CIC

On 2014-12-15 01:06, Lucian Raducanu wrote:


Is there any possibility to set up on the same asterisk box 2 E1s with
different DPCs but the same CICs? To be more explicit, the first E1 has CICs
from 1 to 31 and the second E1 also has CICs from 1 to 31. First CIC on each
E1 is the signaling link.

On December 2007 there was reported the same problem, but no solution.




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