Excessive poll issue with chanss7

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Hello List,

I am using chan_ss7 with 2 ss7 span and 2 PRI spans (managed by chan_dahdi) on a Sangoma A104D card. When the 4 spans are connected, I get a lot of the following chan_ss7 errors:

NOTICE[6626] mtp.c: Excessive poll delay 28412!
NOTICE[6626] mtp.c: Full dahdi input buffer detected, incoming packets may have been lost on link 'l1' (count=64.
NOTICE[6626] mtp.c: Empty Dahdi output buffer detected, outgoing packets may have been lost on link 'l1'.

It happens also when there are no calls and only when the 4 spans are connected. I have used it for 2 years with only the 2 ss7 spans without problem. So I guess there is some load issue...
Have you guys encountered this? Any hint on how I can solve it?

I have upgraded to asterisk 1.8 and chan_ss7 2.1.1 on debian squeeze but without luck.

Thank you!

Best Regards,
Vallimamod Abdullah

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