Chan_ss7 to SIP , problem with B Hangup

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2011/1/31 manager IT conino <gm at>:
> Hi

I wonder, why in Poland, every IT* names himself a manager? ;=P

> I have another problem with Chan_ss7.

This is mostly a ss7 list that talks about libss7 from Digium, not
chan_ss7, but:

> Where can be problem , my ss7 is loop-backing on my operators? machine? to
> test.

And whould you be so nice to include any log? The glass orb is
somewhat broken today.

> Route of call ss7 is: my asterisk chan_ss7 ------E1-cic31----> my opp
> ----E1--cic1-----> my asterisk chan_ss7

Log, trace, how else we could see anything?


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