ARI remote media playback

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I’m trying to play a file from a remote server using ARI (ex: but it looks like is not supported? Is this correct?


play: POST /channels/{channelId}/play

Start playback of media. The media URI may be any of a number of URI's. Currently sound:, recording:, number:, digits:, characters:, and tone: URI's are supported. This operation creates a playback resource that can be used to control the playback of media (pause, rewind, fast forward, etc.)

Path parameters

Parameters are case-sensitive.

·         channelId: string - Channel's id

Query parameters

·         media: string - (required) Media URIs to play.

·         Allows comma separated values.

·         lang: string - For sounds, selects language for sound.

·         offsetms: int - Number of milliseconds to skip before playing. Only applies to the first URI if multiple media URIs are specified.

·         skipms: int - Number of milliseconds to skip for forward/reverse operations.

·         Default: 3000

·         playbackId: string - Playback ID.



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