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On Tue, Jul 24, 2018, at 10:20 AM, Ramesh C wrote:
> Hello ,
> I want to use spy and whisper using snoopChannel , but i do not understand
> how to use this snoopChannel() method.
> Actually my need is that, one user on a channel wants to whisper/spy a talk
> running between two caller(means both caller's channels are in a bridge),
> so how i use this method please give me example code here.
> and also give me possible value of arguments 'spy' and 'whisper'

Who do you want to whisper to? Both channels?

The way it works though is snoop channel creates a channel that you can treat like any other (add to a bridge, record, etc) - audio coming from it is a copy of the audio from the channel you are snooping on, audio going to it is whispered to the channel you are snooping on. To do spy/whisper you would snoop, create a bridge, and add the snoop channel and the channel doing the snooping into it.

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