Setting custom SIP headers with ARI when originating a channel (PJSIP)

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Hello list,

I am trying to set two headers (P-Asserted-Id and Privacy) when originating a channel from a Stasis app that uses ARI and PJSIP with no success so far. 

What I’ve done so far:

- Found this issue ( on Asterisk's JIRA with someone that had the same problem and he provided a patch but the issue was closed cause apparently this is already supported by ARI. There is no proposed solution there and I already tried leaving a comment there.

- Setting the "variables” array when doing the ChannelOriginateWithId ( like so:
{"variables":{ "PJSIP_HEADER(add,P-Asserted-Id)": "1234567890 <sip:1234567890@x.x.x.x>" }}  - Is this the chan_pjsip way to do so? ARI responds with 200 and properly does the call but without the header set.

- Setting the “variables” array when doing the ChannelOriginateWithId like so:
{"variables":{ “SIPADDHEADER01": “P-Asstered-Id: 1234567890 <sip:1234567890@x.x.x.x>" }}  - This is not working cause is supported only from chan_sip.

The documentation for setting headers with PJSIP is only for the dial plan function ( but there are no documentation or example how this will work when someone wants to use ARI

Can someone provide me a working example on how to set sip headers with ARI's ChannelOriginateWithId? I’m using Asterisk 14.0.4
Thank you in advance.

Sotiris Ganouris.
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