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Hello everyone,

We are creating a setup/framework to test pbx's from several vendor (one of them being Asterisk).

Let me just sketch what we have now and what issues we are having at the moment.
We started with programming everything for Cisco (CUCM) using jtapi which works.
We can tell the pbx to set up calls, put calls on hond, extend calls,... everything works perfectly so far..

After that we started working on the same for Asterisk. Since we read that Astrisk works with jtapi we were hoping for a smooth development. But apparently the version of Asterisk we need to test doesn't work with jtapi.

After some searching we started using Asterisk-Java. But this gives some problems also(or we are doing it wrong...).
We used the Dail-example and after some corrections we were able to do some stuff. 
We have a set-up with 2 Zoiper phones and try to make the pbx setup a call between these two using the following line of code.
DialActivity dial = pbx.dial(from, fromCallerID, to, toCallerID);
At first we thought we finally did it, we saw on one of the phones that we were being called. But problem was that this phone is the phone that should make the call, not get called. The call it receives is from the 'to' number but on the second phone nothing happens there is no call to be seen there...
We should be able to control who hangs up the phone, in some cases it is the called party and others the calling party

If anyone has any idea where we went wrong or how we are supposed to do it, could you please help us out? 

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