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Thanks for the nice work.
It's one of the best monitor panel ever made for asterisk.

I sent you a personal e-mail with more details.

Rafael Prado

De: <asterisk-app-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> em nome de Rodrigo Ramírez Norambuena <a@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Responder para: Asterisk Application Development discussion <asterisk-app-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Data: sábado, 23 de janeiro de 2016 00:37
Para: "asterisk-app-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <asterisk-app-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Assunto: [asterisk-app-dev] QPanel 0.6.0

I write to announce the new release 0.6.0 of QPanel.

Qpanel is a monitor panel for app_queue where is show queues and agents informations. You can get
and try from

I am planning the new release. I appreciate if you can check and would like to hear your comments.
You can add new issue (bug, feature or improvement) in

These issues will be planning for new release

Rodrigo Ramírez Norambuena

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