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Timothy Bott wrote:
I'm struggling to find a suitable solution for me to handle incoming
calls to my asterisk 13 Server using ARI.

I'm writing a Callcenter Webapplication in which call agents should be
able to answer calls by using their webbrowser and a soft phone
installed on their computers.

I am already able to receive events for incoming calls by subscribing
the sip trunk endpoint to my 'Stasis' Application as an event source.
The Webbrowser displays a list of all incoming calls and the agent
should now be able to pick one of those and answer it.

What I'm trying to do is if a Call Center Agent clicks on the 'answer'
button of an incoming call:

1. I create a new websocket connection with a new stasis application for
this call

2. asterisk calls the agents sip phone

3. the Agent Answers the call form asterisk

4. I create a bridge by using a POST to ARI.

5. Add these two channels to the bridge.

If I try to add the the incoming channel to the bridge, I always get the
error message: "Channel not in Stasis Application".

Is there any other way how i can move this channel into that bridge,
without using the dialplan command Stasis(appname)?

No, the channel has to be in Stasis to control it. The ability to move a channel into Stasis arbitrarily is on the feature wish-list[1].

All inbound Calls are redirected to a queue by my dialplan, I would like
to take the channel out there and put it in my Stasis Application to
take over control.

If you have a better solution, how to handle incoming calls, please let
me know.

Generally instead of doing that people have been replacing the Queue application with their own ARI application instead. Since the channel is then always in Stasis they can do what they need to connect it to the right place. It also makes it easier to implement different strategies and business logic.


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