Not early media in the Stasis application through ARI

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I am using Asterisk 13.3.1 with the Stasis app through the ARI restful API. If I create a channel (equivalent to the originate AMI command) using a /channels/{channelId} ARI POST method I can't add it to an already existing bridge using the ARI bridges/{bridgeId}/addChannel POST method until the Up ChannelStateChange notification comes in from the channel, therefore avoiding any possibilities of hearing any prompts or SIT tones from the network, like reorder, by anyone already in that bridge.

If I make the addChannel bridging query right after receiving the Ring changed state notification I get an error which says "Channel not in Stasis application" but if I wait for the Up changed state notification, the request success.

Does it seem the Stasis App does not support an early media scenario although the early media feature is implemented in the SIP channel? Any hints about it?

Thanks in advance.
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