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George Ladoff wrote:
Hey Everybody,

I've been tinkering with ARI over the last 6 months and I've been able
to do a quite a bit. Recently though I've hit a wall where I'm not sure
if I'm looking at a bug, or something I just don't understand about how
ARI/Asterisk functions. I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this
for me or just tell me, "yeah, file a bug report."

Yeah, file a bug report. ;)

I can create and bridge channels with no problem. I see great
performance with a variety of codecs. But as soon as I create a snoop
channel, CPU usage begins to escalate endlessly. A single snoop channel
can consume 100% of a 3 Ghz CPU within 40 minutes, crawling up 2-3%
every minute. As soon as I delete the snoop channel, CPU returns to normal.

In the bug report also put what are you doing with the snoop channel? (Whispering, listening, both).


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