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I'm using the NodeJS ARI library with Asterisk 12.  In the examples I see the use of "StasisStart" event for when a call is originated, but none for "ChannelCreated"

I have tried to create listeners for the "ChannelCreated" event everywhere possible, but it seems this event is never fired.

Here is my code:


ari.on( "ChannelCreated", function ( event, channel ) {
  console.log("channel created");

var channel = ari.Channel(  );

channel.on( "StasisStart", function ( event, channel ) {
  console.log("stasis entered");

channel.on( "ChannelCreated", function ( event, channel ) {
  console.log("channel created");

channel.originate( { endpoint: "PJSIP/6001", app : "hello" }, function (err, ch) {

if( err ){ console.log( err );  process.exit(0); }

ch.on( "ChannelCreated", function ( event, channel ) {
 console.log("channel created");


Only the stasis entered gets logged and only on endpoint answer.

Am I missing something? 


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