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Hi List!

First of all: Thank you for developing ARI. Great to have new possibilities with asterisk now.

Now my question:
I tried to make a "Hello World" with node.js in the way, that I call an extension, wich calls Stasis() dialplan-fn and then, on the Application's/node.js side set a callerid to "Hello World". After that, continue in the Dialplan. With SIP knowledge in mind, I think this should be possible - the ideal solution would do this even asynchronously and after continuing in the dialplan, because in the event on the websocket I got the channelid.
Is that possible?

Somebody calls from outside and I want to lookup it's calleridname to display it on the phones. Currently using calssic sip stack, not pjsip, but that can be changes it it helps.

Best regards

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