Re: Anybody developing ARI applications?

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Hi Paul,

I'm just starting (working on learing the ins and outs right now.  However, I hope to have something running in the not too distant future.

I've written an answering service program attached to a hard switch and I'm moving to ARI.  So, most of my work will involve making ARI do what I need.  It looks like it has the beginnings, I'm just not sure it's ready for prime time yet.

I guess we'll find out!  Certainly interested in sharing results.

Phil Mickelson
CBA Software, LLC

On Fri, May 16, 2014 at 11:07 AM, Paul Belanger <paul.belanger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
No, I'm not trolling, I'm actually interested in hearing back if
anybody is actually writing applications for production yet?

We've started work on our queue application and already finding some
nuances with ARI.  Mostly because it is our first attempt at doing so.
 I'd be interested in starting up a conversation or even comparing
notes on the process.

I hope to reply to this thread in the next few days showing progress
and some code for our applications.

Paul Belanger | PolyBeacon, Inc.
Jabber: paul.belanger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx | IRC: pabelanger (Freenode)
Github: | Twitter:

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