Playing media into bridge via HTTP

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Hello All,

Was talking to a few people yesterday about how I'd like to be able to play media from an external source into Asterisk using the ARI - say when adding someone to a bridge - prompts/hold music come from an external source.

I know Paul B talked about this a month or so ago -

That ended up being a technical discussion about local channels etc; I'd like to get to a point where we find out if this is something people want so the Asterisk Team can decide if it's something worth putting into their timescales - hence the new topic - sorry if anyone disagrees!

For me, external source = HTTP(S)

A really basic example of what I mean... the absolute radio mp3 stream (they have many other stream codec types - FLAC being the best they give)

Obviously there may be licensing issues with *that* stream but you get where I'm coming from - and issues when it comes to different codecs.

Going a little further, it may not be a stream at all and may just be a file over http. Essentially I wouldn't want to have to put files onto the same filesystem as Asterisk - my ARI application may live outside of Asterisk itself.

What do people think about this?


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