DTMF in ARI bridged channels

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I have a question regarding DTMF events in channels, that are created by Stasis application and then bridged.

In such channels, DTMF events (ChannelDtmfReceived) are only being triggered when the channels are not bridged or are in a holding bridge.

The question is if anybody has came across this, if there is a solution or it’s a known problem ?

I’m using dtmfmode=auto in sip.conf. (which tells asterisk to use rfc2833 by default but switch to inband if the remote side does not indicate support of rfc2833 in SDP)

My use case is to be able to act upon pressed keys inside a call to be able to for example start recording the bridge.

When I enable "core set debug channel all” in the console, I can see DTMF Begin and DTMF End being sent only when channel is not currently inside a bridge:

<< [ TYPE: DTMF Begin (12) SUBCLASS: 1 (49) ] [SIP/ipad-00000004]
<< [ TYPE: DTMF End (1) SUBCLASS: 1 (49) ] [SIP/ipad-00000004]

     Jan Svoboda
     Software Architect

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