Re: [PATCH v0 00/14] Make I2C terminology more inclusive for I2C Algobit and consumers

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Hi Wolfram,

On 4/5/2024 3:18 AM, Wolfram Sang wrote:
> Hello Easwar,
> On Fri, Mar 29, 2024 at 05:00:24PM +0000, Easwar Hariharan wrote:
>> I2C v7, SMBus 3.2, and I3C specifications have replaced "master/slave"
>> with more appropriate terms. Inspired by and following on to Wolfram's
>> series to fix drivers/i2c/[1], fix the terminology for users of the
>> I2C_ALGOBIT bitbanging interface, now that the approved verbiage exists
>> in the specification.
> I really appreciate that you want to assist in this task to improve the
> I2C core. I do. I am afraid, however, that you took the second step
> before the first one, though. As I mentioned in my original cover
> letter, this is not only about renaming but also improving the I2C API
> (splitting up header files...). So, drivers are not a priority right
> now. They can be better fixed once the core is ready.

Sorry, got excited. :) There were drivers I'd been part of that I specifically
wanted to fixup, but then the scope grew to other users of algobit.

> It is true that I changed quite some controller drivers within the i2c
> realm. I did this to gain experience. As you also noticed quite some
> questions came up. We need to agree on answers first. And once we are
> happy with the answers we found, then IMO we can go outside of the i2c
> realm and send patches to other subsystems referencing agreed
> precedence. I intentionally did not go outside i2c yet. Since your
> patches are already there, you probably want to foster them until they
> are ready for inclusion.

Sorry, I don't quite follow what you mean by foster in this context. Are
you asking me to hold off on merging the series, or to follow through on
getting it merged?

 Yet, regarding further patches, my suggestion
> is to wait until the core is ready. That might take a while, though.
> However, there is enough to discuss until the core is ready. So, your
> collaboration there is highly appreciated!
>> The last patch updating the .master_xfer method to .xfer depends on
>> patch 1 of Wolfram's series below, but the series is otherwise
>> independent. It may make sense for the last patch to go in with
> Please drop the last patch from this series. It will nicely remove the
> dependency. Also, like above, I first want to gain experience with i2c
> before going to other subsystems. That was intended.

Will do, thanks!

> All the best and happy hacking,
>    Wolfram

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