Re: C23 support in Autoconf

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On 2024-04-30 21:59, Jacob Bachmeyer wrote:
> Paul Eggert wrote:
>> While we're adding to our wishlist that should also be a
>> configure-time option, not merely something in That
>> way, one could test a tarball's portability without having to modify
>> the source code.

This is already possible.  Just configure with CFLAGS=-std=c99 or

> Perhaps --with-C-language-standard={C89,C99,C11,C23} and a
> --with-strict-C-language to select (example) c99 instead of gnu99?

In my opinion we should not add options like this to every package.
Unless I'm missing something, outside of some rare edge cases, a user
actually using such an option is going to achieve nothing at best and
otherwise change a package from "working" into "not working."  It is
not helpful to users to present them with useless options.

The realistic edge cases (such as the many historical GNU packages which
were broken by GCC's change of defaults to gnu11) can already be handled


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