Re: autoconf-2.72d released [beta]

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On Thu, 2023-11-30 at 16:51 -0500, Zack Weinberg wrote:
> We are pleased to announce beta release 2.72d of Autoconf.  (Versions
> 2.72a, 2.72b, and 2.72c were development snapshots, not official alpha
> or beta releases.)
> 2.72 will be a minor bug-fix release.  The most significant changes
> are support for the upcoming 2024 release of the C standard, and new
> macros and configure command line options to facilitate the ongoing
> transition to 64-bit time_t.  Regrettably, support for C 2024 requires
> us to withdraw support for "traditional" (pre-1989) C compilers; if
> this is a serious problem for your use of Autoconf, please let us know
> *immediately*.  See the NEWS below for further summary of changes.
> We intend to make the final release of 2.72 by the end of 2023,
> so please test this release widely.  Send feedback to
> bug-autoconf@xxxxxxx, or use the Savannah issue tracker
> <>.
> We would prefer not to make many more changes before the release.
> If you are aware of any existing bug reports that you believe
> *cannot* wait for 2.73, please contact bug-autoconf@xxxxxxx.

FWIW we tested this with Yocto Project and everything appears to work
fine with our core builds and there weren't any unexpected changes. We
were using 2.72c (we wanted to ensure it was tested and be ready for
the final release) and had a lot of backported patches which we could
drop. As such we've switched to the 2.72d version.



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