Re: INSTALL nits

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On 8/19/23 04:55, Gavin Smith wrote:
I was concerned with the case of a person trying to read INSTALL in a
non-UTF-8 terminal.  This is possible with e.g. "LC_ALL=C xterm" or in
some MS-Windows terminal windows.

It's also possible with people running on a console that doesn't even support ASCII fully - e.g., the console uses JIS X 0201, or it doesn't support lower-case letters. I've used both kinds of consoles. They don't display even INSTALL.ISO correctly.

However, all these cases are so rare that typical packages needn't worry about them. Nowadays the rare tinkerer trying to port to a museum-piece system typically needs an additional, more-modern computer system anyway for other reasons, and can read INSTALL there.

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