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On 4/14/23 09:02, Bruno Haible wrote:
On the other hand, when I create a gnulib testdir with an
AC_SYS_YEAR2038_REQUIRED invocation:
   ./gnulib-tool --create-testdir --dir=... --single-configure year2038-required stat
it fails during the configure stage on MSVC (both 64-bit and 32-bit):

It sounds like we need a gl_YEAR2038 to go along with the existing gl_LARGEFILE. However, I don't know what should be in gl_YEAR2038 as I don't use MSVC.

Also, maybe it is necessary to distinguish the use of these two Autoconf
macros without and with Gnulib?
   - Without Gnulib, they could both fail on MSVC.
   - But with Gnulib, they should both succeed on MSVC.

That is what would happen if we could write a gl_YEAR2038, I assume.

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