Re: How can Autoconf help with the transition to stricter compilation defaults?

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> On 13 Nov 2022, at 00:43, Paul Eggert <eggert@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 2022-11-11 07:11, Aaron Ballman wrote:
>> We believe the runtime behavior is sufficiently dangerous to
>> warrant a conservative view that any call to a function will be a call
>> that gets executed at runtime, hence a definitive signature mismatch
>> is something we feel comfortable diagnosing (in some form) by default.
> As long as these diagnostics by default do not cause the compiler to exit with nonzero status, we should be OK with Autoconf-generated 'configure' scripts. Although there will be problems with people who run "./configure CFLAGS='-Werror'", that sort of usage has always been problematic and unsupported by Autoconf, so we can simply continue to tell people "don't do that".

Is there somewhere in the autoconf docs we actually say this?

I've seen a few instances of folks adding it themselves very
early in their configure scripts (which is a pain for distros
anyway) which then ends up affecting the rest.

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