Re: [PATCH v5 2/3] ASoC: atmel-ssc-dai: register dai and pcm directly

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On Mon, Nov 12, 2012 at 03:40:26PM +0800, Bo Shen wrote:

>  static struct platform_device sam9g20ek_audio_device = {
>  	.name   = "at91sam9g20ek-audio",
> -	.id     = -1,
> +	.id     = 0,
>  };

Why are you changing this?  Single devices are supposed to specify -1 as
their id.

>  static int atmel_ssc_startup(struct snd_pcm_substream *substream,
>  			     struct snd_soc_dai *dai)
>  {
> -	struct atmel_ssc_info *ssc_p = &ssc_info[dai->id];
> +	struct atmel_ssc_info *ssc_p = &ssc_info;

This seems like a very big step backwards, there's now a single global
variable for the ssc_info which presumably means there can be only one
SSC active in the system at once.  That's changing a lot more than just
the registration...

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