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On 3/16/24 15:24, aheath1992@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> So like in oVirt,VMware, and others VM managers, I would like a tool or application where I can say if the hypervisor resource (let's say CPU in this case) is over 80% utilization, I want the tools, script, or application to check the other hypervisors and migrate vms to them, balancing the load and resources across all avaliable hypervisors.

Not that I know of any such tool, but there is a website of tools known
to use libvirt [1]. You may find what you're looking for in one of them.
But I have a hunch you won't. It's not as simple as it sounds. What host
to chose from the pool of possible destinations and guarantee selected
resource utilization? How homogeneous individual hosts in the pool are?
If a VM is using too much resources and needs to be migrated - what
strategy should be used to make sure the migration converges? To me,
this sounds like job for a high-availability tool.


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