Re: Error Cannot acquire state change lock from remoteDispatchDomainMigratePrepare3Params during live migration of domains

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On 3/7/24 10:51, Martin Kletzander wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 06, 2024 at 05:17:36PM +0100, Christian Rohmann via Users
> wrote:
>> Hallo libvirt-users!
> Hi, I'll try to reply in the simplest possible way.
>> we observe lock-ups / timeouts with in prometheus-libvirt-exporter
>> ( when
>> libvirt is live-migrating domains:
>>> Timed out during operation: cannot acquire state change lock (held by
>>> monitor=remoteDispatchDomainMigratePrepare3Params)
>> All of the source code can be found at:
>> Basically the error happens when DomainMemoryStats or other operational
>> domain info is queried via the libvirt socket.
> Yes, the domain is being modified by the migration, so it is locked.

While this is true, the "lock" - or job I should rather say is an async
one, meaning a QUERY job can be acquired. It's only MODIFY job that
should wait in the queue.

What's rather weird is - the thread holding the job is 'MigratePrepare'
which usually isn't that long.

@Christian, what is the libvirt version? Are you able to reproduce with
either libvirt-10.1.0 or (even better) current master?

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