Migrating volumes to RBD/Ceph

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I have a fancy new Ceph cluster and have configured a storage pool
using it in libvirt. I have a bunch of disk images in a "filesystem
directory" storage pool. I want to migrate those disk images into the
RBD pool.

What is the process for doing this?

I'm using libvirt from Debian Bookworm, version 9.0.0 and QEMU version 7.2.

I have an XML file to define my new volume:

<volume type='file'>
  <capacity unit='bytes'>8589934592</capacity>
  <allocation unit='bytes'>6747271168</allocation>
  <physical unit='bytes'>6747258880</physical>

and I have tried:

1. virsh vol-create-from

# virsh vol-create-from ceph volume.xml --inputpool default
error: Failed to create vol from volume.xml
error: failed to open the RBD image 'volume.qcow2': No such file or directory

No idea why it's trying to load "volume.qcow2" from within RBD when
I've told it that it's in the default filesystem directory pool and
provided a full path.

2. virsh blockcopy

No idea how to actually achieve what I want here as it doesn't seem
capable of copying to a non-file destination.

3. virsh vol-download and virsh vol-upload

# mkfifo tmp
# virsh vol-create --pool ceph volume.xml
Vol volume created from volume.xml

root@multimedia:~# virsh vol-list ceph
 Name            Path
 torrentbucket   VM_images/volume

root@multimedia:~# virsh vol-download --pool default volume.qcow2 tmp &
[1] 2483977
root@multimedia:~# virsh vol-upload --pool ceph volume tmp
error: cannot upload to volume volume
error: this function is not supported by the connection driver:
storage pool doesn't support volume upload

I cannot believe that any sane virtual machine management solution
does not have a way to achieve this, so clearly I'm missing something
painfully obvious here. I've done a lot of searching for solutions and
everything I've found either doesn't work for my specific case or is
specifically for copying volumes within a pool or between files on a

Could someone please provide me with a working example of how to achieve this?


Julian Calaby

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