Re: How can I have a list of interfaces in virt-manager network config

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On Tue, Dec 12, 2023 at 03:28:50PM -0500, Laine Stump wrote:
> On 12/8/23 10:48 AM, Marc Haber wrote:
> > [very detailed description of a network setup, the important point being that there is a bridge created outside of libvirt]

Sorry for being too detailed, I reckoned it is better to give all
information that MIGHT be useful.

> So you have a host bridge created outside libvirt that you want to be listed
> in the potential connections in virt-manager (rather than needing to type
> the name of the bridge).

Yes, that sounds like it.

> You can do that by creating a libvirt virtual network with <forward
> mode='bridge'/> - this type of virtual network expects that the bridge
> device will have already been created and attached to the world by someone
> other than libvirt:

Yes, that solved my issue nicely. Thank you very much for the pointer.


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