a VM with secure boot does not survive a reset

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Hi guys.

A VM created with:

-> $ virt-install --boot uefi --name=client-efi-secureboot --os-variant centos-stream9 --memory $((4*1024)) --graphics=vnc,listen= --accelerate --cpuset 2 --cpu host-model --pxe --disk=/00-VMsy/client-efi-secureboot.qcow2  --network network=10_3_1,,model=virtio

when *virsh reset* while running will power off, instead of *restart*. Whereas:

-> $ virt-install --boot uefi,firmware.feature0.name=secure-boot,firmware.feature0.enabled=no --name=client-efi-no-secureboot --os-variant centos-stream9 --memory $((4*1024)) --graphics=vnc,listen= --accelerate --cpuset 2 --cpu host-model --pxe --disk=/00-VMsy/client-efi-no-secureboot.qcow2  --network network=10_3_1,,model=virtio

does behave as expected when *reset*.


BTW. Where should bug reports go to theses days - I'm trying Redhat's Jira but cannot file a BZ in _RHEL_ category. I get no errors nor warnings but Jira won't let me file anything there, but I can in Centos category.

thanks, L.
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