Issue accidentally creating a '--type' defined pool

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I seem to have accidentally created a pool called "--type", but it doesn't appear in 'virsh pool-list'. See below.

[root@vh01 /]# virsh pool-define-as --name --type dir --target /data/storage/
Pool --type defined

[root@vh01 /]# virsh pool-list
 Name     State    Autostart
 isos     active   yes
 jblake   active   yes

[root@vh01 /]# virsh pool-destroy '--type'
error: command 'pool-destroy' doesn't support option --type

I can't also create a new "default" type because the directory exists for this defined '--type'

[root@vh01 /]# virsh pool-define-as --name default --type dir --target /data/storage/
error: Failed to define pool default
error: operation failed: Storage source conflict with pool: '--type'

[root@vh01 /]# virsh pool-delete "--type"
error: command 'pool-delete' doesn't support option --type

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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