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On 22 Sep 2023 01:34 -0700, from abologna@xxxxxxxxxx (Andrea Bolognani):
>> If I switch the suspend-to-disk enabled="yes"
>> I strangely get an error
>> error: operation failed: Unable to find any firmware to satisfy 'efi'
> I can explain that one.
> suspend-to-disk.enabled=yes requires a firmware image that advertises
> the acpi-s4 feature, and you probably don't have one on your system.
> For example, on my Fedora 38 machine:
>   $ grep acpi-s4 /usr/share/qemu/firmware/*.json
>   $
> Yeah, the error message is not very helpful. Unfortunately, due to
> the way firmware autoselection works, emitting a better one would be
> pretty much impossible :(

Might a simple fix to make the error message at least slightly more
helpful be to change it to something like: "Unable to find any
firmware to satisfy '<whatever>' with specified settings"

That would make it clearer that it isn't _necessarily_ the "efi" part
(or whatever it happens to be in the specific case) which is the
actual, _specific_ problem.

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