Re: Issue with libvirtd service and virsh on Debian 13 "trixie" (testing)

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On 7/14/23 10:29, pascal wrote:

I just upgraded to Debian 13 and observing an issue related to libvirtd
service. It happens during up time, the service is initially  running
and all is working fine. I can run virt-manager and use VMs. Then close

After some time (5min), here is what happens :
- virt-manager keeps on "Connecting... " when launching it.
- "sudo virsh net-list --all" command hangs and does not respond. I
have to type Ctrl-C.

At that step, I need to restart the libvirtd service : "sudo systemctl
restart libvirtd"

Then everything is back and running as expected... For 5 minutes as
issue comes back.

Likely the systemd issue already mentioned on this list


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