Re: <qemu:commandline> ignored ?

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On 16/05/2023 09:08, Peter Krempa wrote:
On Mon, May 15, 2023 at 20:14:58 +0200, lejeczek wrote:

On 15/05/2023 19:14, Marc wrote:
Is there something else which is a prerequisite to 'qemu:commandline'
but if yes and I'm missing those, why would not then 'virsh' and/or
'virtqemud' say something?
No what you have looks ok, this is what I have as a test and is working ok. You can try and these to see if something is shown in the guest.

      <qemu:arg value='-cpu'/>
      <qemu:arg value='host,hv_time,-hypervisor'/>
      <qemu:arg value='-smbios'/>
      <qemu:arg value='type=0,vendor=LENOVO,version=FBKTB4AUS,date=07/01/2015,release=1.180'/>
      <qemu:arg value='-smbios'/>
      <qemu:arg value='type=1,manufacturer=LENOVO,product=30AH001GPB,version=&quot;ThinkStation P300&quot;,serial=S4M62281,uuid=1ecefe02-f1b6-4bf8-a925-c9f4ae512209,sku=LENOVO_MT_30AH,family=P300'/>
yes, for those who might stumble upon this/similar - it turns out to be the
structure declaration in xml
of whose the latter _works_ ! on centos 9 with
libvirt-daemon-9.0.0-7.el9.x86_64 but not the former.

@devel - should this go as BZ report into bugzilla?
Did you declare the appropriate XML namespace?:

   <domain type='kvm' xmlns:qemu=''>

guilty as charged. I had them mixed up incorrectly.
many ! thanks.

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