Re: storage backup with encryption on-the-fly ?

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On 06/04/2023 16:12, Peter Krempa wrote:
On Thu, Apr 06, 2023 at 15:22:10 +0200, lejeczek wrote:
Hi guys.

Is there a solution, perhaps a function of libvirt, to backup guest's
storage and encrypt the resulting image file?
On-the-fly ideally.
If not ready/built-in solution then perhaps a best technique you
I currently use 'backup-begin' on qcow2s, which are LUKS encrypted.
libvirt's block code supports the raw+luks and qcow2+luks encrypted
image formats with qemu. You should be able to use both for backups too:

  <domainbackup mode='push'>
      <disk name='vda' type='file'>
        <driver type='qcow2'/>
        <target file='/tmp/backup-test-images/backup-vda.qcow2'>
          <encryption format='luks'>
            <secret type='passphrase' uuid='d5c7780c-80c4-45eb-bee9-9fbbc1f3847c'/>

Another option would be to use an encrypted device-mapper device via the
block backend.

Lastly if you need any other storage format the 'pull' mode of backups
exposes a (optionally TLS-encrypted) NBD socket from where a client
application can pull the blocks for backup and store them in any way it

That works as I hoped, nice & smooth, I've not had the right xml syntax. Are there any docs with more details on the other two alternatives?
many thanks, L.

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