Re: Xen with libvirt and SR-IOV

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On 3/22/23 04:23, nospam@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Jim Fehlig schrieb:

What is the libvirt version?

It's the "latest and greatest" I get from this source:

[root@xen1 ~]# virsh --version

[root@xen1 ~]# libvirtd --version
libvirtd (libvirt) 6.6.0

[root@xengfs1f ~]# yum list | grep libvirt
libvirt.x86_64                           1:6.6.0-6.xen415.el7 @centos-virt-xen-415
libvirt-bash-completion.x86_64           1:6.6.0-6.xen415.el7 @centos-virt-xen-415
libvirt-client.x86_64                    1:6.6.0-6.xen415.el7 @centos-virt-xen-415
libvirt-daemon.x86_64                    1:6.6.0-6.xen415.el7 @centos-virt-xen-415

That's an old libvirt, but there hasn't been a lot of changes to the PCI passthrough code. One notable change that came with libvirt 6.8.0

However, that wouldn't be needed unless you were using the 'permissive' setting in your xl config.

I know it's not complete, but makes an attempt to identify hypervisor support for the various configuration settings.

I will "recheck" it, but I don't see anything new, that might be missing.

I've used both configurations successfully. Has the sriov virtual function been unbound from the native driver and bound to xen-pciback?

Should be, otherwise it would not work with XL?

You can check which driver is in use with something like

ls /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000\:81\:02.6/driver

I can't see the exact definition, but again, same output when starting with xl or virsh:

[root@xen1 ~]# ls /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000\:81\:02.6/driver
0000:81:02.0  0000:81:02.7  0000:81:03.6  0000:81:04.5  0000:81:05.4 0000:81:06.5  0000:81:07.4  0000:81:08.3  0000:81:09.2       module  slots 0000:81:02.1  0000:81:03.0  0000:81:03.7  0000:81:04.6  0000:81:05.5 0000:81:06.6  0000:81:07.5  0000:81:08.4  0000:81:09.3       new_id  uevent 0000:81:02.2  0000:81:03.1  0000:81:04.0  0000:81:04.7  0000:81:06.0 0000:81:06.7  0000:81:07.6  0000:81:08.5  0000:81:09.4       new_slot  unbind 0000:81:02.3  0000:81:03.2  0000:81:04.1  0000:81:05.0  0000:81:06.1 0000:81:07.0  0000:81:07.7  0000:81:08.6  0000:81:09.5       permissive 0000:81:02.4  0000:81:03.3  0000:81:04.2  0000:81:05.1  0000:81:06.2 0000:81:07.1  0000:81:08.0  0000:81:08.7  bind               quirks 0000:81:02.5  0000:81:03.4  0000:81:04.3  0000:81:05.2  0000:81:06.3 0000:81:07.2  0000:81:08.1  0000:81:09.0  irq_handlers       remove_id 0000:81:02.6  0000:81:03.5  0000:81:04.4  0000:81:05.3  0000:81:06.4 0000:81:07.3  0000:81:08.2  0000:81:09.1  irq_handler_state  remove_slot

[root@xen1 ~]# cat /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000\:81\:02.6/device
[root@xen1 ~]# cat /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000\:81\:02.6/vendor
[root@xen1 ~]# cat /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000\:81\:02.6/subsystem_vendor

[root@xen1 ~]# ls /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000\:81\:02.6/driver/module/drivers/
pci:pciback  xen-backend:xen-pciback

[root@xen1 ~]# ls /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000\:81\:02.6/driver/0000:81:02.6
broken_parity_status  consistent_dma_mask_bits  dma_mask_bits    enable local_cpus  numa_node  reset      resource0_wc  subsystem  uevent class                 d3cold_allowed            driver           irq modalias    physfn     resource   resource3     subsystem_device  vendor config                device                    driver_override local_cpulist msi_bus     power      resource0  resource3_wc subsystem_vendor

If bound to xen-pciback, it vf should also appear in the output of 'xl pci-assignable-list'.

Before starting the VM, it's there:

[root@xengfs1f ~]# xl pci-assignable-list | grep "0000:81:02.6"

Ah, xen-pciback is already bound to the device, so no need for managed='yes' in your device config. The 'managed' attribute tells libvirt whether or not to manage attaching/detaching drivers to/from the device. If you've done that elsewhere, set managed='no', or simply drop the attribute since 'no' is the default. It's explained in the 'pci' attribute of the hostdev element

But I wouldn't expect that minor config optimization to fix your issue. I tried starting a VM with managed='yes' and the device already assigned to xen-pciback, but it still worked for me. The sriov vf was visible and usable in the VM.

Are there any errors from xen-pciback in dom0, or any hints in the output of 'xl dmesg'? Also, it might be worth comparing the relevant nodes in the output of xenstore-ls between VM started with xl and libvirt.


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