Re: Upgrade machine type during migration

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Michael Schwartzkopff schrieb:
It seems there is no possible combination of machine types that is compatible for both hosts. The old host only can start rhel8.2 guests, the new one only rhel9.0.

that depends on the host, but to be honour, I don't think, that you can't use different versions of guest-os.

On my Xen- and KVM-environments, we have running CentOS 5 upto 8 guests, plus some with Ubuntu. No problem with migration from one host to the other.

Is there a possibility to change the machine type during a migration? Is such a migration possible? Or do I have so shut down the guest?

I do not know that, what does the "machine type" mean? Your guest is a RHEL 8.2? If so you would have to upgrade the guest os to RHEL 9.

But I think this will not solve the problem, according to the error you get "execute QEMU command 'blockdev-add': Failed to connect socket: Permission denied" it's more a problem of your new host-machine.


kind regards,


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